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doxo brings vital service to billers everywhere

September 12, 2019
When Seattle-based doxo introduced its bill pay service to customers in 2008, it initially aimed to make this task simpler for individuals. Recognizing that the average household pays more than 10 bills each month, doxo wanted to improve how people approached paying bills -- they wanted to provide an all-in-one bill pay service that was efficient and easy for users. But doxo also improved payment collection for many companies at the same time. Boasting more than 45,000 unique billers across its site -- in addition to 3 million bill payers -- doxo aids customers who are filled with complaints about traditional payment measures. Billers can improve communications with customers, increase delivery times of payments, increase their mobile payment options and boost autopay enrollment in addition to acquiring analytics information. This decade-old service has improved the process for users and billers alike through one swift, simple online site.